Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Top 10 Web Browsers Used in 2009

Browsing the internet is a vital part of our daily lives. We can never deny the fact that spending an hour or two, or even more online is part of our daily routines. Last year, the top 10 most used browsers in the internet according to is listed below.

10. Netscape
These internet browser has been around the internet I guess since the internet began. Though it seems to be ancient for internet savvys out there, Netscape still exists.
9. Camino
MAC OS X based alternative browser. Actually, I never experienced using this browser yet.
8. SeaMonkey
SeaMonkey is another all-in-one browser project which was supported by Mozilla Foundation. I guess, being connected to the Mozilla Foundation helped this broser land on this countdown list.
7. Konqueror
File and Internet browser of the Linux. It is a part of KDE Interface. Again, I have never experinced using this browser before.
6. Mozilla
Not supported by Mozilla anymore but still seen around. I was using this browser way before. It's not that great, but it's ok.
5. Opera
Opera could not reach a big audience. And start leaking by the time. It has %2.62 market share. I have experienced using this once and I was so confused.
4. Safari
As the native browser of Apple Safari kept its 4th position with %3.1 market share. Thanks to Apple, Safari became a well known internet browser.
3. Chrome
In the end, Google entered into Browser wars and gain %3.2 market share. Google is google. Anything with Google as a surname reaches the top.
2. Firefox
Firefox sits in the second place with %31 share. And it is still gaining market share while rivals like Chrome arising in the market . It's easy to use,so I have no objections.
1. Internet Explorer
Despite to loosing reputation Internet Explorer still most used web browser in the world with %59 market share in the world. But it lost this position to Firefox in some countries like Germany.  As expected, Internet Explorer lands on the top spot. It's a household name when it comes to internet browsers, so being on top is inevitable.

Can get enough of top 10 lists?

A. Harrison Barnes Review

Are you in need of a career advice? Still searching for the perfect career? is the place to be.

Looking for the perfect job is never that easy. A person needs to develop his skills, continuously improve his personality and attitude to be able to cope with the competition in finding the perfect career. Maintaining this job also takes a lot of your time, efforts and often tests your abilities.

Through the years of my online activities, reading articles from proves to be among the most valuable time spent online. The site owned and maintained by Harrison Barnes proves to be one of the most helpful job search advice site I have encountered in the internet.

Who is Harrison Barnes?

Harrison Barnes is one of the most sought after career advice guru known internationally. Luckily, he gives pointers and advices for free on his site

A Harrison is a website full of helpful topics about work, finding a job, maintaining a job, influencing people to do better in their jobs and other job related articles. The site is the one stop shop for all your job related questions. I find this site very helpful and quite inspirational too. The author even shares his personal experiences in his craft, work, businesses and even his life. Personally, I enjoy reading articles that helps me improve my personality and confidence. I have also read a lot of positive testimonials from different people and online friends who read articles from this site religiously. You can never go wrong when it comes to your career if you would read and live by Harrison Barnes advices.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Legal Recruiter

Tired of attending insuccessful job interviews over and over again? Jobless and badly needs a source of income? Enough of the stress of looking for a job. Finding a legal recruiter is the solution to all your problems. The site is one of the most trustworthy site nowadays that can provide you a perffect job for your specific skills and personality. The site has thousands of new job openings posted everyday. Finding a job and a career through this online search engine is very easy. Visit the site and see for yourselves.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 : Site Review

Are you tired of looking for a job online which often leaves you with a negative result? Tired of going through thousand of web pages online but still haven’t found the perfect job opportunity? Worry no more for there are thousands of jobs available for you on

Hound is one of the world’s largest online job search engine that bridges employers and recruitment agencies to job seekers. The site has proven itself as on of the most efficient job search engine in the internet. The site is one of the best “match maker” when it comes to finding jobs.

Hound serves consumers and employers mostly on North America. Another good feature in this site is that job seekers can browse through the employer’s web pages as well as their career pages. This could help job seekers identify on which company they would most likely be able to contribute their knowledge and skills. There are really a lot of job opportunities a job-seeker can find through So let say you live in the city of Cleveland and is looking for a job on a clinic. Just type Cleveland clinic jobs on the search toolbar and a "monster" list will appear after hitting the search button. Finding a job that suits you has never been this easy.

Hound’s webpage is also one of the most “user-friendly” web pages I have encountered in the internet. Browsing through the sites pages is a breeze. The webpage loads very fast and the pages are very much clear and precise.

So for all the job-seekers out there, is the place to be.

Looking For Sponsors for my Upcoming Blog Contest

frantic fridays

Hi guys! I hope everyone's excited about my upcoming blog contest. Well, i am pretty excited as well. I am still on the lookout for SPONSORS to make this contest even more exciting for you guys. At present, here are some of the pledges I got from generous fellow bloggers.

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Hopefully, I could get more sponsors for my upcoming blog contest. I would like to make this contest one of the most unique and exciting contest any blogger has participated at. Oh, I almost forgot, the Grand Prize for this contest is.

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To those who are interested to sponsor my blog contest, please feel free to leave a message. Thanks.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Sneak Peak on Frantic Friday's Summer Contest

A blessed Monday to all bloggers on Earth! I hope everyone's excited to participate on my Frantic Friday's Summer Contest. Well I am pretty excited too. As much as I would like to publish the promo mechanics for these contest, I am looking for more sponsors to make this contest much exciting for everyone. But to those who could like to participate in this contest, I am giving you guys a sneak preview on what's in store for participants out there.

• Participants will become guest bloggers in my blog and their site will be reviewed in my blog Bunak’s Boring Life for free.

• This contest will be about a rant, a dismayed observation and an honest opinion on events and issues around our globe that affects our daily lives. So to aspiring participants, you better start writing drafts for your entry.

• This contest will test your advertising skills. It’s better to contact your followers to support you in this contest.

• As of the moment a Grand Prize amount of 100$ + ad spaces + EC Credits and other "secret" freebies are in store for the contest winner.

• More cash prizes, EC Credits, ad spaces and freebies are in store for the winners.

So to aspiring participants, please bear with me and be patient. I am trying my best to get as many sponsors I could get to make this contest, exciting, memorable and worth your precious times.

To interested sponsors, please leave a message on my shout box and I will contact you at the soonest time possible

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Frantic Fridays Launched

Frantic Fridays has finally arrived! Friday for me is a day for ranting, complaining and blowing off steam. Today I would be ranting about the heat that is continuously messing up with my mood. I love the sun, but the heat, definitely not.

Summer has arrived early in most part of the world, specifically to countries located near the Equator region. The El Niño Phenomena is the one behind all these troubles.

What is the El Niño Phenomena?

According to , the term El Niño or “Spanish Child” was originally used by fishermen to refer to the Pacific Ocean's warm currents near the coasts of Peru and Ecuador that appeared periodically around Christmas time and lasts for a few more months. Today, we use the tern to identify the large-scale warming of the planet Earth’s surface water every 3-6 years, which usually lasts for 9-12 months, but may continue for up to 18 months which dramatically affects the weather worldwide.

But as we can see, the El Niño Phenomena occurs much more frequently today than it was in the past. Of course we all know that this is because of the continuous deterioration of the Earth’s natural resources. The ozone layers is much more thinner than it used to be, forests lands have been denudated, toxic chemicals are ruining the lands and seas and not to mention the continuous piling up of waste and garbage around the globe.

I don’t want to sound too intellectual and an advocate for a greener Earth here. I admit. I have thrown a piece of paper and placed gum under my school desk, once or even more in my entire life. But I have been recycling and planting trees as much as I could to compensate for the wrong things I have done to our environment in the past. Let’s all contribute and share. Farmers here in the Philippines who earns less than what they need to survive in a day is even earning much lesser. Sources of income for these poor farmers are going to waste while politician wannabe’s are spending million of pesos for their campaigns. The government is spending billion of pesos for the automation of the elections, which is, as of present time delayed in schedule. I wish this people would bump their heads and realize that they are wasting “THE PEOPLE’S MONEY”. Shame on them.

Geez, I am so envious with countries like Japan, Singapore and Korea. They are not as powerful compared to the USA but they have managed to balance progress, keeping their environment healthy and keeping their culture and heritage intact. I have never been to these places, but watching tons of Asian novellas gave me a glimpse of what these countries have. Residential places are separated from the business areas. Forest and parks are also separated from the communities. I wish our leaders would have thought of that.

By the way, as I launch Frantic Fridays, I am also launching my Frantic Friday Summer Contest in my blog! Yohoo!

Details will be posted in my Frantic Fridays Summer Contest blog entry. See you there!

Maximizing Your Blog's Monetary Potential

Blogging nowadays has emerged from a simple online diary to a money generating channel for bloggers worldwide. It started out as a hobby for many, but now has been attracting former non-bloggers to explore the potentials of generating a prosperous income from this not so explored money making media.

Rookie bloggers have increased from hundreds to thousands and is continuously increasing every minute of the day. Some of these newbie bloggers have been exceptionally excelling in their craft, and some are still “in the dark” and is still on the stage of finding a niche that would work for them.

I am not a newbie blogger, in fact, I have already created several blogs way back in the past even before my online colleagues started their own blogs. But rookie or not I can still never deny the fact that I have been “in the dark” several times in my blogging career.

I was able to make money from my previous blogs, but those blogs have been neglected and has been hanging around the web space like “space junks”. Why did I allow it to happen? It happened because I was in a hurry to monetize it. Greedy am I right? I have realized it too.

This is the common mistake newbie bloggers commit. Yes we all want to make money from our blogs, but we should always remember that this will never happen overnight.

It is advisable to plan before getting into blogging. Blogging is like any endeavor, without the proper knowledge, success is something far from achieving.

These are some of the basic things to do before creating a blog.

Scout for a perfect layout for your blog. Learning basic HTML and CSS tricks is also a plus. As a newbie, I was easily distracted by numerous FREE blog layouts available for download anytime in the internet. Back then I was changing my blog’s layout every week. I never thought it was a bad idea, but the truth is, it is. Your readers may love your new layout but, it does not necessarily mean your traffic will increase because of your layout. Readers go for your content. For beginners, a basic 2 or 3 column blog layout is advisable. It is much more manageable than going for attractive plug-ins your not yet familiar with.

Find a niche you love and is good at. I suggest you list down topics of interests and check the ones you are good at. If you ended up with 5 interests but wants to start with a single blog for easy monitoring, designate. Write about politics on Mondays, gadgets on Tuesdays, baking on Wednesdays and so on. Blogging has evolved through the years. Multiple niches in one blog are now a common thing. You just need to properly arrange everything in your blog for reading convenience.

Market your blog. MArketing is everything. Readers won’t bump into your blog instantly. You are the one responsible for attracting readers to visit your blog. How? One is advertising. But I only advise advertising to blog owners who have the extra dough and to those who have already written a generous amount of information in their blogs. In the first place, who would visit a blog with 3 entries? None, unless your Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus right? Participating in traffic exchange sites is also advisable. It’s free and you get the chance to meet bloggers whom you can get ideas to innovate and friends that could advice you on how to make more out of your blog. Then again, good content will bring you more traffic and will keep readers coming back.

Be patient. Blogging is a profitable source of income nowadays, but again, this doesn’t happen overnight. Avoid posting “ad space available” widgets on your blog. Before aiming to make money from your blogs, aim to get traffic. Would you advertise on a blog who doesn’t have credibility or a descent traffic amount per day? Of course not right? Focus on building traffic. Advertisers will come to you when your blog has made a name for itself.

Like what I have said in my blog launch post, Understanding that success is not an easy thing to achieve is the first step in succeeding. Work hard, be creative. Sucess comes to those who deserve it. Make your blog deserving.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bunak's Boring Life Blog Re-Launced

Changed my layout – done!

Deleted “spammy” blog entries – done!

Studied basic HTML and CSS – done!

Edited plug-ins and ad-spaces – done!

Edited blog entries – done!

It’s been 3 months since I launched this blog – Bunak’s Boring Life. Though it was hard to admit, I finally realized that I was not making the most out of my blog. My blog in one way or another sulked.

Being involved in a couple of traffic exchange sites made me realized what my blog is lacing at. Being able to visit various blog sites made me see my own blog’s weaknesses. I started out blogging mainly because of the monetary benefits a blog has. I started out posting entries just for the sake of posting. I hopped from one blog to another hoping to bump into a fabulous idea from another blogger thinking that I could adopt these ideas to my blog, thus bringing more traffic into it. But in the end I realized that being like everyone else brings you nowhere.

I almost forgot that there are million of bloggers around the globe writing about the same topics, issues and ideas. As a newbie, it is really very hard to compete with them. So what can make your blog stand out from above the rest? Your blog should be unique. It is a fact that you can really get a lot of bright ideas from someone else’s blog, but that does not mean that we would all end up as “copy cats” for our blog to succeed. We can always add a personal touch to someone else’s idea, improving it and thus creating a new idea that we can proudly claim to be our own. Improving someone else’s idea is not cheating, it’s innovating. All good things were created from an idea but was improved and perfected through innovations.

So here I am again, picking up the pieces and starting all over again. I may have failed, but I have learned a lot. A person cannot put a time-limit on when one becomes successful for success depends on our own hard work, creativity and effort. Understanding that success is not going to happen instantly, is the first step in succeeding.

So what’s in store for Bunak’s Boring Life Blog?

Well, I can’t promise my readers something new, but I am definitely giving them something different. =)

Here are some of the topics worth looking forward to in my blog.
• Money Monday – Financial issues, Business ideas, Banking, Investments, Online Money Making Programs and everything in between

• Techie Tuesday – Reviews on past and present day gadgets, machines and websites

• Workaholic Wednesday – Job opportunities, Career opportunities, Tips on Getting a Job and Loving the Work. Everything about your 9-5 job happens here.

• Thursday Reviews – Reviews on books, places, restaurants, hotels, travel destinations, movies, blogs and everything worth talking about.

• Frantic Friday - Every blogger deserves a day of rants, musing and babble talk once in a while.

• Saturday Loving - Saturday is a day for heartwarming bondings. Topics about relationships, family, love, friendships and everything close to the heart.

So there you go guys. Count with me as I re-launch my blog.





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