Monday, February 15, 2010

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bunak's Boring Life Blog - Top 239 in Adgitize

I feel so happy today. My blog is now part of Adgitize's leader board. Yohooo!!! Yesterday I felt bad because my total earnings in Adgitize for the month of January was only $0.12. I just started out Adgitizing last January 27 but I was very optimistic about this site and was expecting more. But look, in barely a week, my blog was able to reach Adgitize's Leaderboard! I made it  to the 239th place. And that was only due to points I have accumulated in February, and february just started. This is really a very big achievement for me. Because of this I will strive even harder to reach the top of Adgitize's Leaderboard. I hope this dream will come true soon.

Monday, February 1, 2010

RuNNing Out

He's running out of excuses, Im running out of patience. yesterday was our 28th "monthsary". He remembered but chose to stay out till wee hours in the morning in some bar together with his office mates. He even gave me a lame excuse of he wanting to go home early but just could not leave. Yeah right.
Surprised, there were no more tears, no more hurt feeling. The initial feeling of remorse and $h!t was there, but that was it. No trying hard to forget about the pain and the usual dramatic stuffs I pull of everytime he takes me for granted.
Am I starting to run out of feelings? Or is he the one starting to run away?
Sometimes I wonder, am I starting to live my life like one of my friends? He said that if a person cannot give the things he needs, he just looks for someone else willing to do what the other is not.
I guess in the future, he will not wonder why Ronald came in our picture.