Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tips on Applying for an Online Writing Job

Making money through online money making activities is not a new topic. Many individuals have already been reaping the fruit of their labor from the online money making opportunities they have been working at through the years. The potential and opportunities to create revenue and a source of income through the internet is endless.

Freelance writing is also becoming a very popular way “part-time” job to online money makers. There are a lot of freelance writing sites available in the internet, but landing on a legitimate, promising and a high-paying one is quite difficult. More and more talented writers are taking their chance in freelance writing. The competition in this field is becoming harder and tougher. Here are some helpful tips you could do before and during an application for an online writing job.

Publish your articles on the web.

Having your articles published in the internet is important. Though these articles may not give you the monetary benefits you expect them to, these will help you in creating a “reputation”. Reputation can either be good or bad. Of course when you are applying for an online writing job, you would definitely want a positive reputation worthy of being bragged to a prospect employer. The more visible your articles are, the more chances that an employer will recognize you and the quality of your work.

Create a portfolio

Articles and short stories you have posted in the web are not enough to increase the chances of landing on a promising job or career in writing. You have to create a number of “promising articles”. Promising articles are mostly essays or reports you have written in the past. These articles are those which required extensive research to be completed. Online freelance writing sites mostly needs technical writers to complete a job. Online published articles will not be enough to impress. Sometimes you need to have a handful of these “promising articles” to qualify for high paying jobs.

Take Credential or Qualifying Exams

Just like any job, employers go for applicants who are expert in their fields. Applicants should present “written proof” of their eligibility. These can be in the form of certifications and licenses. Though some online writing sites do not require these certifications, having one will definitely increase your chances in getting hired.

Post helpful, relevant and credible characters in your CV.

You may have the talent, you’re the most awesome writer a company could ever get, but you were fired in your last writing job because most of your submissions are always late. You happen to be a very good writer who beats all his writing submission deadlines, but your former boss just so happens to hate you because you accidentally killed your cat. Do you get the picture? Character references are not always one of the requirements of a company, but in case it is, be sure that the people you put in your character reference details are people who knows your talents, and will help you land in a job. Do not forget to inform these people that you listed them as one of your character references. Be courteous.

Always remember to put your best foot forward when applying for a writing job. Remember you will always compete with everyone else. But in the end, you will also have to compete with yourself. Just keep on improving your craft. Who knows, you might end up becoming the highest paid writer of the century. Let us all seize the opportunity of making money and creating a career in writing.


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